Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Business Plan to Transform the Kirana Store to Retail Industry

The real question is How to upgrade the technology of a 'Kirana' Store?

In general Retail Industry offers:
  • Organized distribution of retail products
  • More profitability for retail outlets
  • Making available the products the customer actually wants.
  • Listening to customer requirements
  • The store layout for more freedom of choice

What can Kirana Store provide to the Supplier:
  • Area details and customer buying behavior
  • Low cost preference and options – based on the purchasing power of the customer
  • Actual purchasing trends

The Solution - 
* Kirana Retailer and Supplier Online Network (KRSON) Software *
A Platform is made available for online transactions between Supplier and Kirana Store that provides:
  • Online Ordering Service
  • Kirana Store Inventory Management

Provides a Online Portal for Kirana Supplier for -
  • Adding of products to catalog
  • Inventory availability and costs
  • New products and availability
  • Receiving order and payment as per terms

Portal for Kirana Retailer -
  • Ordering service
  • Value add in Store Inventory Management
  • Payment gateway - optional

Cost structure - 
  • Tablet Device + Software costing approx. Rs. 10,000 is purchased by Kirana Store owner and Supplier  
  • Each transaction costs is paid by a flat rate. The rate is variable and dependent on the number of suppliers and retail store owners that are using the service.

The Software architecture is based on advanced collaboration platform and does not need a specific software although it is possible to provide all features in one software that can enable the solution.

A solution is openerp – an open source solution. Check www.openerp.com for details.

The solution is designed in such a way that there could be potentially any software enabling the features that already have the capabilities mentioned in the architecture.

The Service will require a industry association endorsement to be acceptable and changeable for future enhancements and benefits. This is typical B2B application though the discussion is for its applicability to the Kirana Store and transform it to Global Stature.


Kirana Shopee said...

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Vimal Satpute said...

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